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Shenzhen PH Electronic Co., Ltd.

PH is a creative and reliable manufacturer in the field of alarm, security and access control since 1999. 

Over 20 years we develop and manufacture security products. We control the complete process of the electronic firmware and software, the mechanical and technological aspects, the physical aspects as well as the functionalities of the products, the usability and aesthetics, the reliability and easy install-ability, the production cost control and the manufacturing processes.

We manufacture products to meet market trends and OEM/ODM demands.

We establish reliable long-term business relationships with customers from all over the world.

Our care

Focus on your needs.

You care about the product.

We supply high quality products by using qualified materials and reliable quality control.

You care about the price.

We offer the best price by constant improving our technology and workflow.

You care about the lead-time.

We provide on-time delivery by efficient manufacturing and use of materials. 

You care about the service.

We serve the worry-free pre-sales and after-sales service by our experienced team.

You care about the added value.

We design innovative products to create a higher added value for the future.

You care about the environmental protection and human care.

We support social and environmental protection to create a better world.