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Wireless no touch IR
433MHz hopping code
encrypted transmission
Illuminated infrared sensor switch
IK10 Impact-resistant
50m wireless distance (open area)
fit with SMR-W004 or SMR-W007
Come with 4*AAA batteries
Detecting Distance: 5-30cm

These narrow, beautiful and smart wireless IR switches are cable free to save the engineer installation cost and time, 433.92MHz anti-copy code to avoid any attemped copy/reproduced by optics of photocopier, low consumption design to help the back-up battery support IR maximum up to 2 years, so friendly to the position where is not convenient to wire the cable.

The switching takes place by passing the hand in front of the switches. Since there is no contact required, it is a very simple and hygienic way of working, suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms (to reduce the risk of contamination), schools, factories, or offices.

The elegant design with impact-resistant PC house & big flat face is friendly to the different OEM logo/symbol/text use

The relative matching receivers
SMR-W004 is the 3 independent channel hopping code receiver
SMR-W007 is the single channel hopping code receiver with 1000 users
These no touch IR switches are suitable for unlocking electrical locks, controlling automatic doors, controlling window motors, controlling electronic light and etc.

Illuminated Infrared Sensor Switch
IK10 Impact-resistant IR SWITCH
433.9sMhz anti-copy code transmitter
50m wireless distance (open area)
4 AAA back-up batteries

Suitable for Electric Lock, automatic doors, motor etc.
Detecting Distance: 5-30cm
Operating Temp: -20~+60℃
Size: 160mm x 50mm x 18.4mm

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