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SMA-S003 Master

Single door access controller
SMA-S003 master

SMA-S003 Master is a single door controller, can work with any type Wiegand card reader, such as EM, MIFARE, HID and CPU RFID card etc.
It uses advanced Microprocessor, with high-capacity flash memory for 1000 users.
The separate controllers ensure that the relay cannot be manipulated from the outside. In addition to unlocking electrical locks, it can also be used for other applications.
Self-buckle house design with 12 screw terminals for fast installation

SMA-S003 master
a single door controller
Wiegand input: suitable for EM, MIFARE, HID, CPU RFID card, Wiegand 26-37 output reader.
1000 users(0-999)
Add or delete the user
Pulse & toggle relay
Relay output NO/NC/COM 30V 3A
Pulse 0(0.5)-99 seconds delay
Ultralow power: <20mA
Operating Temp: -20℃~60℃
12 Screw Terminals
Self-buckle house design
Easy Installation & Wiring
OEM logo/symbol printing available
Color: transparent dark grey house
size: 96*74*34.5mm