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D27 illuminated no touch IR button
Water-proof aliminum alloy IR switch
30VDC 1A
INT/EXT Control
0.5-20Seconds timer delay
Detecting Distance: 5-20cm

These no touch IR switches are suitable for unlocking electrical locks, controlling automatic doors, parking systems, elevators and etc. The switching takes place by passing the hand in front of the switches. Since there is no contact required, it is a very simple and hygienic way of working, suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms (to reduce the risk of contamination), schools, factories, or offices.
The switches have a stainless steel front plate and house, a clear different color (red/green, blue/green, white/green) LED ring with internal/external control, so suitable for inter-lock system, and waterproof, so suitable for outdoor mounting.

Illuminated no touch infrared sensor switch
Water-proof aluminum alloy IR button
12-24 VDC
INT/EXT Control
Suitable for Electric Lock and Inter-lock System Use
Green and Red LED
0.5-20Seconds timer delay (Pulse)
Detecting Distance: 5-20cm
Standby Current: 33mA
Working Current: 45mA.
IP65 Relay output: 30VDC 1A
Mechanical life: 50,000,000 times
Electric Life: 100,000 times.
Operating Temp: -25~+55℃
7 Color Cable Terminals Output
Size: Ф27mm x 32.5mm

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